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Last Updated: Thursday August 14 2008 18:09 GMT

In pics: Ore's secret spy robot mission


Newsround's Ore went on a mission to investigate some strange goings on in a village in Wiltshire...

wartime village on Salisbury Plain

He discovered that this village is no ordinary village... for a start, it was built by the army as a place to train, so it's not a real village at all.


Ore thinks he's being followed, but what by?


Could it be one of the strange machines he spotted lurking around? But what were they up to?

Competitors in the spyrobot competition

Ore discovered they were spy robots taking part in an army competition to find new gadgets.


And although some of the inventions looked like something out of a sci-fi film, Ore found out it might not be long before they're actually out on the battle field.

Ore speaks to Major Matt Kelly

Major Matt Kelly said: "We are a forward-thinking army and we like to bring in technology to help us as soon as possible."