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Last Updated: Thursday August 14 2008 17:17 GMT

In pictures: YOUR views on smacking


In the UK, parents are allowed to lightly smack their kids, although some people want the law changed so it's not allowed. But Montana says she thinks smacking's ok, because sometimes kids don't listen.


But Honor doesn't think it's a good idea. She said there are other ways of punishing kids, like making them sit on the stairs, or not letting them play for a couple of days.


Jaden said: "I think smacking is a good idea, because children who do the wrong thing will learn to not do it again."

Shann, 12

Twelve-year-old Shann also thinks it should be allowed. He said: "Children who do not listen need to be disciplined so they won't do it again, if they've done a bad thing."


But Jadean thinks that smacking's wrong. She said: "They're (parents) going to teach their children to smack their children and then they're going to keep it in the family."