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Last Updated: Thursday August 14 2008 08:05 GMT

Sea eagles soar into Scottish sky

A sea eagle

Several white-tailed sea eagle chicks have been released into the wild from a secret location in Scotland.

The huge birds of prey are being re-introduced in Fife after almost being being hunted to extinction in the area.

Sea eagles are known as flying barn doors because they grow to be so huge, but the birds have still been tagged so experts can keep track of them.

They were collected as chicks from nests in Norway and raised in special aviaries before their release.

A golden eagle
It is the second year sea eagles have been released into the wild as part of a five-year project involving the bird charity RSPB.

Clair Smith, from RSPB Scotland, said she was keen to see how this year's birds get on with those from last year.

"From the time these chicks were collected in Norway and brought over to Scotland in June, I've watched them grow up and now they're raring to go.

"I'm really excited to see where they go and if they'll meet up with last year's birds."