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Last Updated: Wednesday August 13 2008 15:46 GMT

In pics: Sonali speaks to Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

American swimmer Michael Phelps has become the Greatest Olympian of all time. He won two more golds on Wednesday - meaning he's won more than anyone else, ever.

Press conference

After Phelps' amazing victory HUNDREDS of journalists lined up to talk to him, and Newsround's Sonali was one of them...

Sonali at the press conference

Sonali asked him: "Winning gold medal, after gold medal, after gold medal, is pretty amazing... can you explain just HOW amazing? Is it better than your birthday, better than Christmas, better than the lottery, better than all three rolled into one?"

Michael Phelps

"When you have an Olympic gold medal, it stays with you forever.. birthdays happen every year, Christmas happens every year, you only get to be an Olympic gold medallist so many times, and it's amazing," he answered.

Sonali and Phelps' fans

Sonali asked some of the swimmer's fans what it was like watching him going for gold...


Fourteen-year-old Dakota said: "We were wild and crazy just being ourselves, because he's basically the greatest swimmer on earth, ever, and he's from our country... so we're like YEAH!"


"I think it was really exciting because everybody thought that he was doing so great, and everybody was on their feet," said 11-year-old Tommy.


Tony, 14, said: "Everybody was going crazy because there were a lot of American fans and then once when he got out he was going crazy, he was screaming and everything... it was really fun to watch."