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Last Updated: Wednesday August 13 2008 13:34 GMT

In pics: Deadly disease threatens frogs

Common frog Photo: Graeme Skinner/

Frogs like this are pretty common in gardens in Britain, but experts say they're under threat from two deadly diseases.

Jim Foster/Natural England

And they want YOUR help to try and save them, so if you spot any sick ones like this poor frog that has Ranavirus, go to the wildlife charity Froglife's website to let them know.

Common Toad

Frogs aren't the only amphibians under threat, with toads like this one, and newts affected too. Newsround's Ricky went to London Zoo to find out more.

Jon Bielby and Ricky

Ricky met frog expert Jon Bielby, who introduced him to...

Amazonian Milk Frog

This cute creature - an Amazonian Milk Frog!

Jon Bielby and Ricky

Jon told Ricky that frogs are really important, but they're under threat and the numbers of frogs, toads and newts in the UK have fallen fast.

Jon Bielby and Ricky

Jon wants us all to look out for frogs in our back gardens, and if they appear to be tired, slow or covered in wounds they could be sick and frog experts need to know about them!