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Last Updated: Tuesday August 12 2008 13:14 GMT

Tom Daley's 'row' with partner

Blake Aldridge and Tom Daley before the competition

Tom Daley may have become a big star in Beijing, but he's hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons back in Britain.

Lots of papers are reporting that he and his partner Blake Aldridge have fallen out, after the pair came last in the 10m synchronised swimming.

Tom's said to have got cross with Blake for phoning his mum during the competition and not concentrating on his next dive.

And Blake has put the blame on Tom for their disappointing performance.

Twenty-six-year-old Blake said: "I didn't blow anything, so I can go home happy.

"I wasn't on top of my game but Tom was nowhere near the top of his."

Blake Aldridge and Tom Daley
The pair had words during the event
Blake also spoke about the pair's disagreement during the competition on Monday.

He said: "He had a pop at me before the last dive.

"I saw my mum in the audience and I asked her to give me a call and Tom went to me 'Why are you on the phone?

We're still in the competition and we've got another dive to do.' "

Blake also told reporters that Tom should have focused on his own performance, saying Tom was so nervous he didn't dive well.

Tom Daley (Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Tom's become a big star in Beijing!
But Tom - who's become such a big star out in Beijing he's been given the nickname 'Little Briton' - has said both he and Blake were to blame.

"We just had a bad day," he said. "We didn't dive very well, it was quite disappointing."

Tom will have another shot at winning a medal on Friday 22 August when he attempts to qualify for the individual final.

But Blake is not competing in the individual event so his Olympics are over.