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Last Updated: Monday August 11 2008 11:34 GMT

Ore joins a crabbing contest


The 28th British Open Crabbing Competition was held in Walberswick in Suffolk with everyone trying to find the heaviest crab possible.

Newsround reporter Ore went along, and had to be careful of snappy crabs and a slightly odd smell in the air.

Here's his report:

"On the way to the competition, we went through Walberswick and it's a really pretty town with lots of old churches and houses everywhere.

You could imagine what the town would have been like in medieval times. But as we got closer to the river, you just couldn't see past all the cars!

Every single car park was full which meant that pretty much everybody was getting ready to go crabbing - and we were ready to join in.

Ben, aged 9,
Ben, aged 9, recommended using bacon as bait
Time to catch crabs!

Then we heard the bang of a huge pink firework in the sky - that meant it was crabbing time!

Straight away everyone threw in their lines or pieces of string, attached with all different types of bait.

The most popular bait to catch them was definitely bacon, but liver and squid were favourites too. We even saw some people throw a WHOLE fish in to attract the crabs.

I thought I had smelt something funny! They must have thought the crabs would be extremely hungry.

Snappy winner

Do you know what? Even though I got lots of handy tips from kids that had been there loads of times (my 'experts' for the day) I wasn't able to catch a single crab!

But I was allowed to let the winning crab back into the river so it could get some rest before next year. This crab weighed a massive 155g and had very large claws.

Mimi, 9
Nine-year-old Mimi came third!
I knew it was time to set it free when I got quite a few nips on my fingers. Those crabs are strong...Ouch!

We were really happy that the weather was perfect, so an ice cream was important (and so was my sun hat).

Over 970 people entered the competition which was a record, the biggest one yet, but I think that was why I didn't catch any crabs - because there were none left!

Anyway, better luck next year..."