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Last Updated: Sunday August 10 2008 09:45 GMT

Kangaroo meat could 'save planet'

A kangaroo

Most of you probably want to do your bit to save the planet, but would that include eating kangaroos?

Some experts think we should all be eating the marsupial meat instead of beef if we want to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being produced.

That's because animals like cows and sheep give off loads of methane gas when they fart and burp, which can be really damaging to the environment.

Kangaroos have different digestive systems so produce hardly any gas.

Kangaroo meat is already eaten in loads of places around the world and more than 30 million of the big hoppers are farmed in Australia every year.

Dr George Wilson, from the Australian Wildlife Services, wants to see that number increased so there's just as much kangaroo meat as traditional livestock, like cows and sheep.

That's because gases from those animals are responsible for 11% of Australia's carbon footprint and Dr Wilson thinks eating kangaroos could make a big difference.

And if you're wondering what a kangaroo steak or burger might taste like, apparently they're really tasty!