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Last Updated: Friday August 08 2008 13:04 GMT

Meet the spitting fish

Archer fish (Blue Reef Aquarium)

Fish aren't supposed to have brilliant memories. And these spitting archer fish are proving that theory is definitely true.

Archer fish are usually pretty smart. In the wild, they catch flies by spitting out a stream of saliva and onto the insects they want to eat.

But at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings the archer fish have forgotten how to spit!

So staff have set up some plastic flies for them to practise spitting at.

There are now loads of fake flies dangling above their tank to encourage the fish to spit more.

Daniel Davies, from the aquarium, said he thought the fish were forgetting how to spit because they mostly get fed on dry food there, as they are not in the wild.

But now they've got the plastic flies to practise on, he said they were "really going for it!"

And it's not just fish. An octopus has been given a playground to mess around in, to keep him occupied as well.