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Last Updated: Thursday August 07 2008 17:26 GMT

In pics: YOUR views on bad spelling

Newsround's Ricky with kids

A university professor says his students' spelling is so bad he's not going to bother to correct it. But how important do YOU think it is?


Ten-year-old Olivia said if you get two letters muddled up, it won't matter a lot.

Max and Ricky

But nine-year-old Max said: "I think it's very important because you use it for English, and if you're writing a good story."


Eight-year-old Rachel said you should check your spelling. "If they're small spelling mistakes I don't think it really matters, but if you can't read the word at all it would be completely different," she said.

Georgia 10

And ten-year-old Georgia said bad spelling should be marked wrong, so students know how to improve.