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Last Updated: Wednesday August 06 2008 10:29 GMT

One boy's earthquake tale

Shan Cheng talks to Sonali

This is Shan Cheng, seven, who was lucky enough to survive China's devastating earthquake in May. He told Sonali all about what his life is like now.

Filming Sonali and Shan Cheng

He took Sonali to see his old house in Hanwang, which was wrecked by the quake, He now lives in a tent.

Shan Cheng's kitchen

Here's his bedroom, which he used to share with his mum and dad. Now they use it to store rubbish.

Shan Cheng's old kitchen

And this is Shan Cheng's old kitchen, now reduced to just a pile of rubbish. Luckily, he and his family weren't at home when the quake happened.

Shan Cheng plays in his tent

This tent is where they now live. It'll be a year before they can move out of it into a house similar to their old house.

Shan Cheng paints

Sometimes when things are hard, Shan Cheng likes to paint to take his mind off the problems since the quake.