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Last Updated: Tuesday August 05 2008 16:31 GMT

In Pictures: BIG storm hits Texas

Tropical Storm Edouard moving west

A powerful tropical storm has hit the upper coast of Texas in America.

Windows being boarded up

Before Tropical Storm Edouard landed, thousands of people were told to leave their homes.

Windows being boarded up

Windows were boarded up to protect buildings.

Man walking in the rain

And on Tuesday heavy rain started to fall and winds of up to 65mph started to blow.

Flooding sign

The storm is almost as strong as a hurricane, and there are fears it will cause flooding.

Man running in the rain

Seventeen counties have been declared disaster areas, while a state of emergency was declared in Louisiana.

Greg Trevino surfing in Texas

But it's hoped the storm will get weaker as it moves from the coast inland.