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Last Updated: Tuesday September 30 2008 15:17 GMT

Would you clone your pet?

Snuppy - the world's first cloned dog

Scientists say they've cloned the first pet.

An American woman paid £25,000 for five puppies who were made using skin cells from her pit bull terrier Booger.

Some people don't agree with what's happened, because they're worried that the animals used for cloning might have health problems.

But what do you think? Would you like a clone of one of your old pets?

Do you think cloning pets is it a good idea or should cloning only be use for medical research?

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Your comments

"I do love my cat but I wouldn't clone him because I can only stand one Felix."

Sophie, 12, Devon, England

"I wouldn't clone my pet - I'd clone myself! I would relax while my clone did my chores!"

Lamin, 12, Birmingham, England

"I think that cloning shouldn't be available to the public until we have checked all of the effects that may occur due to lack of knowledge in cloning."

Nick, 11, Essex, England

"I wouldn't because: 1. It is cruel. 2. It's bad enough with one of my furry monsters ruining the house and eating my socks; we don't need another one! 3. It is extremely expensive."

Jessica, 12, Swansea, Wales

"What people don't understand is that it IS natural to clone - plants clone naturally. And it wouldn't be cruel to 'the clone' because it would look like your old pet, but it would be a real animal that has a mind and can breathe. It's just like your dog or cat giving birth, except the baby would be the exact genetic copy instead of half mum, half dad."

Katie, 13, Stoke, England

"I think it gives the wrong impression to young children but in other ways it is great because it means we may be able to clone endangered species. I would hate to lose my pets!"

Ella, 11, Devon, England

"I wouldn't clone a pet because it is greedy being able to have the same pet more than once."

Joe, 11, Newcastle, England

"I think it is a great idea for animals that are becoming extinct, or maybe we can give up an island and clone dinosaurs!"

Lewis, 12, Powys, Wales

"I think it would be an OK idea because you can clone endangered animals to help them but apart from that it's barking mad."

Kirsten, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it is horrible to clone animals. People would not like to be cloned so why should we do the same to animals? I would not like to see a double of me."

Laura, 10, South Wales

"Cloning is a really bad idea because if your animal dies from a disease and you take cells from that animal then the clone would die soon. Also, it's a waste of money because you can get dogs really cheaply."

Molly, 12, Portsmouth, England

"It's not right to clone a pet. You wouldn't like it if there was two of you, would you?"

Tiegan, 10, Rotherham, England

"Cloning really scares me because I don't think that anything should be exactly the same. There are lots of pets in need of homes and if they are cloning some it is going to bring more unwanted/unloved pets into the world."

Jade, 11, Essex, England

"I wouldn't like to clone my pet; it would be too much work. It gets a bit creepy and scares people. That wouldn't be nice. Even if you cloned your pet it wouldn't be the same as your other one. If you wanted a new pet, don't ever clone it - it will NEVER be the same. I think cloning animals is bad and cruel. That lady could see her pet, Booger, die again and again. It's sad."

Amy, 9, London, England

"I don't see the point in cloning if you have no reason because it is a waste of money. But it is your money so you should do what you want with it. But if you have lost a pet and you have got very upset about it then it's not a problem if it does not hurt or harm it."

Hollie, 9, Leicestershire, England

"I would not like to clone my pets. I don't think my puppy would be very happy if there was another one of her! What is the point of it; isn't one enough?! Although I do see why we should clone endangered species."

Tasha, 11, Neath, Wales

"I think cloning is an absolutely rubbish idea. Everyone's supposed to be special and unique; you can't do that if there are more of you. If people want to help endangered animals, stop ruining their habitats."

Elsa, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"I would clone my pet because then they could play together and you would have identical dogs. It would be funny!"

Katy, 10, Ipswich, England

"Cloning is absolutely unnatural and a little bit creepy. If you have a lost a pet then you should accept it and respect that pet by not trying to replace it and just remember that pet as special and love it always."

Billie, 13, London, England

"I think whoever clones their dogs is barking mad!"

Jess, 13, Lancaster, England

"No, because it is unnatural and unfair to other animals looking for homes.

Ellie, 9, Bristol, England

"No, I don't think pets should be cloned. It would be lovely if I could have my dog twice but it could be bad for their health - we don't know and the chance is too risky. We have to think about what is best for the animal, not ourselves. If its health was fine we could save an endangered species. That would be great. But cloning a pet? No animal can ever be EXACTLY the same."

Meibh, 12, Dublin, Ireland

"No, I wouldn't because when a human close to us dies we have to learn to move on. Cloning a pet that is close to us will give young children who need to learn they must move on the wrong impression. Besides, when you get a pet it doesn't matter if they look and act the same because they will still have to learn to trust you."

Laura, 13, Crawley, England

"I don't think I would clone my pet but if she was going to die then I think it'd be a good idea. My last pet died and I was really sad to see him go as he had to be put down because of a cancer tumour. I got two new pets, which are really fun to play with, but it's still really upsetting when I think of it."

Gaby, 10, London, England

"No, because a pet that you love can never be replaced, even by one exactly the same."

Elinor, 10, North Wales

"You shouldn't clone pets because they would never be the same. Yes, they would look like the real version of the pet, but it just wouldn't be the same. My cocker spaniel is my best friend, but I would never clone her. It is cruel and it would destroy the natural balance if everyone did it."

Hennie, 11, Guildford, England

"Yes and no: yes because it means you'd see the pet again and no because it wouldn't be the same and you'd have to watch it die again."

Micha, 11, Northampton, England

"I think dog cloning is cruel. If you clone your pet it wouldn't be the same as your first pet. All animals should be respected."

Samantha, 13, UK

"How silly! You can never make something exactly the same as it was before."

Kerr, 10, Scotland

"Yes, if it was proven to be exactly like the original."

Jack, 10, Sheffield, England

"No... I don't think that I would clone my pet because it would be so cruel, and humans and trees die but you don't clone them."

Lucy, 11, Liverpool, England

"I love animals and I have lots of them, too. I would never clone an animal of any breed because I think it's cruel. The animal can not speak so it can't decide."

Francine, 12, Blackpool, England

"I would not clone my pet because it's expensive and it could have health problems."

Grace, 11, Aylesbury, England

"I wouldn't clone my dog. I love her to bits and couldn't bear it if she died, but I think that it's wrong to clone animals. I would rather get a new pet and love that one than have the same pet for ever."

Kirsty, 10, Scotland

"No, it would have a different personality. I think it's a pretty silly idea."

Maya, 7, Leicester, England

"Well, when your pet dies, that's it. But I would prefer to get a completely different pet so we can see which one is the most fun to own! But I would clone endangered animals so then this world would be filled with more animals!"

Ella, 10, Surrey, England

"I would clone my cat because she is very friendly and I couldn't live without her."

Katy, 11, Burnley, England

"Why clone your dog? If it dies, it dies. Yes, I know it's a painful time, but get another one and move on. Humans die and you wouldn't clone a human!"

Courtniiee, 11, Bristol, England

"I wouldn't clone my dog because it would be very cruel... put yourself in that position... would you like another you?"

Chloe, 11, Dundee, Scotland

"I would pay £5000 for one copy of my cat. I love him so much. I don't know what I would do if he died."

Stephen, 13, Surrey, England

"No way would I clone my pet because it wouldn't be the same pet. It might look like the same pet but on the inside, it isn't the pet that you had."

Claudia, 10, Slough, England

"No and yes, cloning animals is silly because every animal is different. But it could be useful! Imagine cloning endangered animals to make them better!"

Carissa, 10, London, England

"I wouldn't clone my pet, for one it's a waste of money. I get that no one wants to lose their animal but cloning them isn't right to me. It's not going to be the same animal you made the clone of, there's other animals out there that need a owner, and cloning harms other animals."

Elizabeth, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"It's wrong to clone a dog. If it dies, it dies. Get another dog from a STORE! If I was dying I wouldn't want to be cloned. If I don't, neither will a dog."

Nikita, 10, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I would never clone my pets. I have two dogs and two guinea pigs. They are lovely as they are. I had another dog who died that I loved, and I would not clone him."

Asha, 10, Billinghay, England

"NO! I love my two cats very much, but I'd never want to clone them! They are my babies!"

Lexie, 12, London, England

"No way! Just get another one. It's against nature and should not be done."

Bethan, 14, Gloucester, England

"Simple answer Yes. Because why would you want your pet to die and you'll never see them again when you can have a cloned pet? But you wouldn't want them exactly the same."

Harriet, 10, Stockport, England

"I would clone a pet too but I would wanna choose my own breeds to clone."

Shannon, 10, Daventry, England

"No I would not clone a pet because it might have health problems and might not live as long."

Alex, 10, Hull, England

"Cloning your dog is cruel, and for that sum of money NO WAY!!!! A dog is an individual, keep it that way!"

Cosmo, 11, Cambridge, England

"I wouldn't clone my pet because I have enough trouble with my dog as she is!"

Victoria, 10, Northumberland, England

"I wound not clone my dog because it's cruel."

Harry, 7, Essex, England

"I don't think cloning your pets is fair because they won't have the same personality and won't be the same as your old pet, they will just look the same."

Emily, 11, Merseyside, England

"I don't think I'd clone my dog or cat... but like someone else said, it would be a great idea to clone endangered species."

Lilli, 11, USA

"I wouldn't like my dog to be cloned because I think they are all special in their own way, and the dog might look the same but his personality might be completely different."

Hayley, 11, Caerphilly, Wales

"I would NEVER clone my pet. It's like having a fake pet. It's just not the same and not right."

Bibi, 12, North Shields, England

“It is ok to clone your pet because I have a rabbit and I never want to see him die! It would be heartbreaking!”

Bethany, 13, Liverpool, England

“No. Everyone is different and looks different so why should they make clones?”

Stephanie, 10, Stirling, Scotland

“I would not clone a pet because it would be cruel. If my cat was sick and they said they could clone her I would say no because it wouldn’t really be my cat.”

Emily, 10, Blackburn, England

”I wouldn’t clone my pet because it costs too much money.”

James, 10, Macclesfield, England

“Yes, I would as I love all my pets so much and I want more of them.”

Leah, 12, Banbury, England

"I think it is a good thing to clone your pet because you could clone endangered species."

Jake, 12, Southampton, England

"For that amount of money - NO WAY!!!!!!"

Louisa, 14, England

"NO! Each pet is different in their own way and when it is the right time for them to die LET THEM!! Cloning them is just animal cruelty; it's like cloning a human because even when you lose someone or something special to you, you would always have the memories to keep with you!"

Marnie, 11, Wirral, England

"I think it's good so we could have our pets back but I wish it was out sooner because my cat died five months ago!"

Nicole, 12, Exmouth, England

"No, probably not, because it may have effects on the pets and it might lead to death if the cloning was done wrong."

Katie, 10, Warrington, England

"I really wouldn't want to clone my dog. It would really freak me out - for a start, it's not life as it is meant to be and I would know deep down that it wasn't the same dog."

Milly, 12, Manchester, England

"Yes, I would clone my pet dog because he is really cute and I want lots of dogs like him."

Danielle, 9, Rochford, England

"No! Each pet has its own special qualities that just can't be replaced in a clone. Why didn't she just breed the dog and get some real puppies for about ten times less than that? Not only is there a ridiculous cost involved, but it's a disgusting thing to do anyway."

Ellie, 12, Leeds, England

"I would never clone my dog. She is one in a million and even if the clone looked exactly like her, she would never be mine."

Lilli, 9, Northamptonshire, England

"No way! Cloning pets is a stupid and unnecessary thing to do. If people clone pets, then something might go wrong and cause the animal pain."

Georgia, 11, UK

"I think it is cruel and unnecessary! There will only ever be one of you in the world, with your looks and personality, so it should be the same with animals. I bet you'd rather your animal die peacefully, instead of cloning it and letting it live with a life full of health problems!"

Eleanor, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"I wouldn't because I find it a bit cruel to the pet. One pet is enough to care for. TLC can't go to more than one pet - the first pet is the BEST!"

Ailish, 11, Birmingham, England

"Your pet is an individual. There is no other like your dog and I don't think you should spoil that relationship with your special pet."

Jane, 12, Birmingham, England

"I would clone my dog so it would seem like she was still alive, but the cloned dog wouldn't have the same personality as my dog (which is very sweet)!"

Alice, 12, Solihull, England