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Last Updated: Tuesday August 12 2008 12:40 GMT

Hotseat: George Sampson

Ore chats to George Sampson

George Sampson's been really busy ever since winning the show Britain's Got Talent in June.

At the moment the 15-year-old dancer is starring in the West End musical Into the Hoods.

But he took some time out to talk to Newsround's Ore, who asked him some of the questions sent in by YOU...

Do you make your own dance routines, or does someone else choreograph your dance? - Hannah, 13, from Chippenham

George: It's mainly a lot of free styling throughout the semis and the finals... but I do bring somebody in if I don't have time, or I need something that has a certain genre, or something, I'll bring somebody in to help me out.

Now you're in Into the Hoods, a lot of people are worried about your back problems - should they be or are you fine to carry on? - Corey, 11, from Coventry

George: I'm fine to carry on because there's mixed opinions on it at the moment. We're not sure what's going on, but there's no need to worry, I'm still going to be dancing. It's fine.

How close was everyone backstage in Britain's Got Talent? - Laura, 12, from Oxfordshire

George: We were all so close - I'm still in touch with Faryl, I'm still in touch with Signature, and Andrew and the Cheeky Monkeys, everybody really. I get all of them somehow on the computer or online or on the phone. We're all so close - we're like a big family.

I'm doing a dancing show soon and I'm really nervous about it. Have you got any tips so I can put my nerves aside and enjoy the show? - Amy, 12, from Goole, England

George: I think it's better to be nervous, if you're nervous you perform better, the adrenaline gets to you and you perform better.

Is it true that you got detention on your first day back after winning Britain's Got Talent? - Dylan, from Airdrie

George: I didn't get it in the end, I was meant to, basically, because I had so many radio interviews in the morning on breakfast shows I was getting late for school by 20 minutes. And it just added up and eventually it came to 81 minutes, and the welfare officer sent me a letter saying I got a detention for 81 minutes.

I wasn't expecting it to come, but I think I got away with it!

What's your favourite song to dance to? - Zakiiyah, 12, from London

George: I think at the moment I've got two - Dizzee Rascal, Dance Wiv Me, and one by Fat Man Scoop called Now Drop, which is what I danced to at my first audition last year.

Do you have a girlfriend? Everybody wants to know!

George: I've not, no.