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Last Updated: Monday August 04 2008 14:35 GMT

Hero dog saves drowning kittens

Napoleon the dog

A dog in America is being called a superhero after he saved four kittens from drowning in a lake.

At first, Napoleon's owner was angry when he ran off across a street and into a lake in mid Michigan.

Alexandra Breuer thought the bulldog had pulled a bag of rubbish out of the water - but then she heard meows coming from inside.

There were six kittens altogether but sadly two of them died. The other four are doing well thanks to Napoleon.

One of the cats
Napoleon saved four kittens
Alexandra said Napoleon had probably heard the little cats cry out and realised they were in danger.

She said her dog is a "champion".

"Let me tell you if I wasn't worried about his weight he would get a couple of T-bone steaks right there but he's on a little diet," she added.