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Last Updated: Monday August 04 2008 12:08 GMT

My cat is a born survivor!

Ben with his cat Casper

Press Packer Ben's cat Casper was shortlisted for the Rescue Cat Awards.

This is where cats are recognised for ultimate survival through difficult circumstances.

Here's why Ben is so proud of his cat.

"My cat Casper is a very special cat because he survived a terrible fire in our home.

Unfortunately five of our six cats died. The fireman spent 20 mins trying to resuscitate Casper, and thankfully he saved him.


He nearly didn't make it, and was terribly ill for a long while.

But the fact that he survived helped us to focus and stay strong when we were devastated by the loss of our other cats and the devastation of our home through the fire.

Kind cat

With everything that Casper has been through, he has coped exceptionally well.

Casper the cat
He may be a nervous cat, he is a very kind and loving once he feels confidence in people.

Happy life

I was sooooo excited when Casper was shortlisted for the Rescue Cat Awards and very, very proud.

He deserves recognition for everything he's been through. He had had a hard life before we got him, and it had obviously affected him badly.

He might be a bit nervous, but he's learnt to trust us.

It would have been much harder to pick ourselves up after the fire without Casper, he has been such a positive focus for us and we are thrilled we have been able to give him a happy life.


There were lots of other cat owners at the award ceremony who had their own stories about their amazing cats and how they had survived different problems.

Casper didn't win but it was an amazing day.

To me, Casper is a superhero!"

Ben, 10, Seaford

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