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Last Updated: Monday August 04 2008 04:49 GMT

Kids 'not allowed to climb trees'

Girl uses swing rope Play England/Swainswick Explorers

Does your mum stop you from climbing trees or has your dad banned you from playing conkers in case you get hurt?

A new survey has found loads of kids are being stopped from adventurous activities by over-protective adults.

And the group which did the survey says not allowing kids to take chances can stop you from learning how to look after yourself.

Playday has organised a national day for play on Wednesday 6 August with hundreds of events across the UK.

The survey questioned more than 1,000 kids across the UK aged from seven to 16 and found:

  • Half the kids asked had been stopped from climbing trees without an adult there
  • One in five of you have been banned from playing conkers or tag
  • One in three kids aren't allowed to go out on their bike on their own or play outdoors
  • Some kids have even been stopped from playing hide and seek because it was too risky