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Last Updated: Friday September 12 2008 13:47 GMT

Olympic Diaries: Josie Pearson

Josie Pearson

The Olympic Games get going in August in Beijing, China.

Team GB is sending a strong team, hoping to win more medals than four years ago when the Games were held in Athens, Greece.

As the opening ceremony gets closer, Sportsround is finding out about the Games from six people, including Josie Pearson.

She's taking part in the wheelchair rugby event in the Paralympics, which takes place just after the Olympics.



How are you finding Beijing?

The athletes village is amazing. Like the food hall where we eat, it's massive and everything you need is in here. There's a bank, a hairdressers and people from every corner of the world - it's just an amazing experience. I would not want to be anywhere else right now.

What's your room like? - have you got any posh freebies?!

No posh freebies - but you do get a welcome pack and free toiletries! The room is nice, I have one to myself which is cool, although probably not enough space to fit all my clothes in, but then I am a girl!

The whole of the GB team are all in one big block of flats in the village, so you're surrounded by all your team-mates - it's great. Then in each apartment there is a communal area where we can all get together and chill out, watch movies or whatever.

How are you coping with the warm conditions?

It's not as bad as I thought. Macau was worse than Beijing, which is where we spent time preparing. The humidity isn't as bad as when the Olympics was on either. It seems to have cooled down a lot which makes things more bearable and as long as you're away from the sun in the middle of the day, you just need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

Talk about the wheelchair rugby team - what's it like working with them?

Fantastic. There's nowhere else I would want to be than here at the moment. Everyone is really raring to go. We're such a close team as well - they're just like my extended family, I love it.

How are you preparing?

Personally I'm not feeling that nervous. I think the nerves will probably kick in 30 minutes before we're on court. We have done all the hard work before getting here, it's now just a case of preparing mentally.

I just want to go out on the court now and concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing. If I go out there and enjoy it, I know I will be focused and ready.


I'm feeling excited and nervous ahead of flying to Beijing. I was in the gym watching the Olympics' opening ceremony on TV and it was brilliant! Hopefully the Paralympics' show will be just as good.

My training is easing as the Games get ever closer. Sessions are still intense to maintain our levels of fitness, but there's lots of emphasis on recovery.

I've started packing after receiving my official Team GB kit. It's amazing! They've given me so much stuff.

My favourite item is the vest because, being the only girl in the team, I'm the only one who can wear it!


Josie Pearson
I'll soon be flying to Beijing so my training is getting really intense.

I meet the team for training sessions at least once a week. We all live in different parts of the country so we have to travel to sports centres in London and Birmingham to play together.

It's going to be really hot in China and because of my disability I don't sweat so it's important that I keep cool when I'm on court.

This is my first ever Paralympic Games and I'm the first woman ever to be selected for the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby team so I'm really excited.

I think we will definitely get a medal, last year the team won bronze.

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