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Last Updated: Friday August 01 2008 15:07 GMT

Adam tries out fitness camp

Adam has lunch at the fit camp

Overweight kids in England are being challenged to get healthy this summer, at special fit camps.

We sent Adam to check one out.

Here's his report.

"On the day I visited fitness camp, it was waffles and maple syrup for breakfast. Unfortunately I got there late so missed out!

Every morning starts with an hour-long lesson about how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Adam steps up for some exercise
Adam steps up for some exercise
We learned how you can be exercising without even realising it while you do everyday activities like helping with housework or getting to school. I got quite out of puff from running up and down the steps over and over again!

Then the boys went to the swimming pool, while the girls played with the skipping ropes and the spongy javelins on the playing field.

Healthy choice

And then it was lunchtime! Everything on the menu was really healthy. There was a choice of sandwiches or baked potatoes with beans.

It all came with a massive serving of salad. There was plenty of fruit for dessert but no chocolate biscuits or cakes.

The meals are all meant to be things that you can cook quite easily at home so that healthy eating doesn't get too difficult.

And because everyone has to stay on the grounds, there is no nipping out to the shops for unhealthy snacks.

Boys swimming
Boys swimming
After lunch everyone headed back to their dorms to have a bit of time off. Everyone seemed to be getting on quite well, although some people did admit that they get a little bit homesick.

I think the toughest thing for the fitness campers will be sticking to their healthy routine when they get back to the real world of burgers, fizzy drinks and games consoles."

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