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Last Updated: Friday August 01 2008 14:36 GMT

Kids get fit at summer camps

Boys swimming

Overweight kids in England are being challenged to get healthy this summer, at special fit camps.

As well as offering loads of sports to try, the camps in Leeds, Yorkshire, give lessons in how to live in a more healthy way.

The two-week live-in camps usually cost more than 1,000. But for the first time some of the kids are being paid for by their local hospital.

It's hoped the camps will help prevent health problems in the future.

More and more people in Britain are becoming worryingly overweight.

It's thought by 2010, one in four children could be clinically obese - meaning they are dangerously overweight.

Fit camp views

The kids at the camp were all enjoying their time, despite missing home a bit.

Hamid, 10
Hamid, 11, said being at the camp was helping him in lots of ways.

"I get bullied at school about my weight with people saying things like 'Oh he's fat. Look at him'. I'm the only person in my class who's quite big."

Isobel, 11
Isobel, 11, said the camp was really good.

"There's always lots of things to do, but the bad thing is at night we have to go to bed quite early."

Harriet, 13
Harriet, 13, had come back to the camp for a second summer.

"Last year when I went home I stuck to it for a few days but then put the weight back on, but this time I'm going to stick to it."

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