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Last Updated: Tuesday August 05 2008 10:12 GMT

What's your ideal summer camp?

Children kayaking

Loads of kids are off to a special fit camp for the summer holidays to help them lose weight and learn to eat more healthily.

So that got us thinking... what sort of summer camp would you like to go to?

Anything is possible. You could camp, stay in a mansion or maybe even a haunted house?

And what would you want to do when you're there? Extreme sports, film-making, fashion designing or something totally out of this world?

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Your comments

"I would love a camp where you could look after animals, and learn how to feed them, and play with them. If I got the chance I would look after the elephants!"

Susie, 11, Sevenoaks, England

"I would love to do a camp with friends doing obstacle courses and high ropes."

Laura, 13, Sevenoaks, England

"A scuba diving camp, where you learn to scuba dive in the sea!"

Henry, 10, London, England

"I would love to go to a camp where you write loads of stories and also read them. I would also love it if at the camp there were famous authors came there for a day. Two authors which I'd love to come to the camp are JK Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson!"

Sarah, 12, Preston, England

"I would love to go to a summer camp that do fun games and activities that everyone would enjoy, but only healthy food allowed but you may bring some sweets yourself."

Chloe, 11, Pwllheli, Wales

"I would like to go to an actress camp but I would like the camp more if my friends were there too."

Clare, 9, London, England

"I would love to stay in a mansion and I'd probably try something out of this world."

Catherine, 15, Lassi, Kefalonia

"My ideal summer camp would be where you could do lots of water sports like kayaking and canoeing and also play normal sports like football and basketball and I would also like it to be a summer camp where boys and girls are separate so that everyone no matter what religion can go to that summer camp."

Magic, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"Doing all kinds of things like football, biking and swimming."

David, 10, Colchester, England

"I would like to go to a climbing camp."

Sophie, 10, England

"I would want a karate camp where we can have fun doing karate each day and camping."

James, 12, Derby, England

"Quite possibly the one I've just been on...getting to try loads of activities you wouldn't get to do at home, like kayaking and climbing, in a beautiful setting."

Izzy, 15, Manchester, England

"Playing football with my friends plus doing any other sports and parting!"

Jessica, 9, Coventry, England

"I would like to go to a fashion camp where clothes will be labelled with my name."

Sherry, 11, Bradford, England

"I am going to summer camp tomorrow and it is an adventure camp."

Rhiane, 13,Morden, England

"My ideal summer camp would be a sports camp because I love sports!"

Jemma, 13, Limavady, Northern Ireland

"I think there should be a camp where you can follow your dreams."

Ash, 13, Macclesfield, England

"I would love to go to a rock 'n roll themed camp where you get to perform because I play drums."

Conor, 9, Harpenden, England

"I would love to go to a cycling camp where you could do different types of cycling like mountain biking and racing and long distance cycling for a whole week!"

Owen, 14, Derby, England

"I've done my ideal summer camp. It was canoeing and windsurfing. It was the best!"

Eleanor, 13, Ireland

"My ideal summer camp would be going to a basketball tournament with my friends."

Lilymae, 9, Kettering, England

"I would choose to go to a summer camp where you did most things outside like den building but on certain days go to a zoo."

Cassia, 8, King's Lynn, England

"I would love a video making camp : ) as I LOVE MAKING videos!"

Jonny, 11, Leicester, England

"I would like it to be a nice sunny day and go out and chill with my mates."

Eloise, 11, Great Yarmouth, England

"I would like to do something I have not done before like swimming with dolphins. And that what I would like to do this summer!"

Prescilia, 9, London, England

"My dream camp would be a Harry Potter magic camp or a historical camp."

Kirsty, 11, Sawbridgeworth, England

"I would love to go to a swimming camp. It would be cool."

Briony, 8, Wednesbury, England

"My ideal idea for a summer camp is probably a sports camp because I love sports and outdoor stuff."

Lauren, 10, Maidstone, England

"A warm place with a giant swing and where we can have a disco, chill out with after dark and great food!!!!!!"

Rania, 11, London, England

"A camp where you can do anything you want to do."

James, 10, Macclesfield, England

"I like dancing summer camps but they don't have enough of them."

Izzi, 12, Dorset, England

"A surfing camp."

Becky, 15, Holyhead, Wales

"I would love an acting one, where you got to use the professional equipment and make a short movie."

Alison, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Doing my favourite things with my best friends."

Camryn, 15, Los Angeles, USA

"A camp where you can surf, write, dance, swim, have fun and talk with your friends sounds alright to moi! :]"

Lilli, 11, USA

"I would love to go to a horsey summer camp, where you can look after your own pony, have riding sessions, picnic rides, hacks and fun activities in the evening, like swimming, a movie, fireworks and a barbecue!"

Olivia, 10, Harrogate, England

"I think it would be going somewhere hot and where there's swimming."

Jodie-Leigh, 11, Cheshire, England

"I would go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef because I'm really interested in all the coral there."

Rosa, 12, Winchester, England

"I am going to a summer camp wear you play Gaelic all day."

Claire, 12, Omagh, Northern Ireland

"I would like to go to a summer camp with a Disney theme, with lots of castles, a princess theme for the little kids and High School Musical restaurants that we could go in. Of course, the boys have to be thought of... maybe a heroes-themed place."

Charis, 10, Birmingham, England

"I have just completed a dancing summer school. It was really fun. We learned lots of new types of dances, met some new friends, and had some really nice teachers."

Ellis, 12, Suffolk, England

"My ideal camp would be to stay in a 25-bedroomed house, and in there I would like to have parties with friends and have a large swimming pool we could all play in!"

Lucy, 11, London, England

"I think the ideal summer camp is one that challenges you and encourages you, but it is also very important that they are fun."

Abbey, 14, Aylesbury, England

"My ideal summer camp would probably be something to do with rocks! I absolutely love collecting rocks!"

Booca, 10, Bracknell, England

"I would like to go to a camp where we can PARTY all day and night, and where we could play games and activities and go to the seaside. Both for boys and girls!"

Hayley, 10, Cambridge, England

"I would love to go surfing, horse riding and other sporty activities like that!!!!"

Hannah, 12, Scotland