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Last Updated: Thursday July 31 2008 15:30 GMT

Scary rescue for rubber ring boy

Laura talks to Dominic

An eight-year-old boy had to be rescued when he drifted out to sea on his rubber ring.

Dominic was on holiday in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and was trying out his new inflatable with some pals.

But he quickly got pulled by the waves out of his depth and found himself being swept 500m out to sea.

His mum tried to reach him but the beach warden called for help. Fisherman manoeuvred their boat alongside Dominic and pulled him to safety.

Dominic said he was scared by the experience: "I thought I was going to crash and then die and then sink."

And he warned other kids to be careful when playing with inflatable toys in the sea.

Last year nearly 500 kids had to be rescued at sea by the coastguard and more than 800 kids got lost on the beach.