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Last Updated: Thursday July 31 2008 06:36 GMT

Loads of turtles washed up in UK

A loggerhead turtle

Record numbers of loggerhead turtles are struggling to survive as they get washed up on Britain's beaches.

It's thought bad weather is pushing the rare turtles away from their home waters near America, and into the UK's seas, which are too cold for them.

A turtle who's been nicknamed Flash, is the 25th to have been found stranded on UK shores so far this year.

Flash got stuck upside down on a beach in south Wales and is being nursed back to health at an aquarium in Cornwall.

one of the turtles
Matt Slater, from the Blue Reef Aquarium where Flash is being cared for, said if you find a turtle on the beach DON'T put it back in the water.

"They're not meant to be around the coast of Britain so you need to put them in a place where they're not going to be swept back out to sea and contact your local wildlife trust," he said.

Wild release

Apart from Flash, just two other turtles that have found themselves stranded in the UK have survived.

Dink and James were close to death when they were discovered in Devon and Cornwall.

They were looked after for six months at the Blue Reef Aquarium before being flown all the way back to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands to be released into the wild.