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Last Updated: Tuesday September 30 2008 14:52 GMT

Do 12A film ratings put you off?

The 12A film rating

The latest Batman film has got loads of people worked up over its 12A rating.

If a film's rated 12A, it means if you're under 12 you can only see it with an adult.

But the people who rated the Dark Knight have now said parents should think really carefully before letting children under 12 see it, as it's really violent.

So what do you think of 12A films?

Does the 12A rating make you worry they may be too scary? Or do you get more excited about seeing a 12A film because it seems more grown-up?

Maybe your parents refuse to take you to see 12A films without having seen it on their own first?

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Your comments

"12A ratings have never put me off, even when I was under 12. My parents know that I will be sensible and not choose a film to go to that I won't like. I see the point of 12As but I think that the people who decide obviously don't know every person who might go and see the film so they don't know how scary people will find it. I know some nine and seven-year-olds who loved it, and some 14-year-olds who were scared, so everyone has a different reaction to it."

Jo, 13, Lancashire, England

"As I'm only 11, I cannot see these films with my friends. Why can it be reduced to 11A? At this age we are about to join senior school, but I want to feel grown up and see films with my friends. Most PG films are for younger people not me."

Daisy, 11, Farnborough, Hants

"Yes, it does put me off a bit because when I wanted to go and watch a film that's a 12A I had to go with my mum and dad at one of my friend's parties or I wasn't allowed to go. So I don't really like it."

Chloe, 11, Pwllheli, Wales

"I feel that if your parents have concerns about the film if you're under 12 then they should maybe go and see the film first to check if it's OK. My parents don't mind me going to see 12As because I'm almost 13 so 12A ratings don't affect me in any way."

Alistair, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think that it is up to parents or guardians to decide what you can watch. 12A ratings don't put me off. To be honest I'd watch any rating if it was a good movie."

Ronnie, 12, Redditch, England

"12A ratings put me off the film, even though I am only one year underage. I am scared to watch the film in case they scare me too much. I really want to go and see the Batman movie but I don't think I should just incase I get too scared."

Erin, 11, Port Glasgow, Scotland

"Some 12A films are a bit scary but it does not put me off."

Nathan, 7, Rugby, England

"I went to see The Dark Knight the day it came out and it blew me away with just how excellent it is but I think parents are worked up with violence but not with swear words. Take Men in Black, that had loads of swear words and that got rated PG. Besides it is the parents' decision if they want their kids to see 12A rated films and my parents have as I have been mature enough to watch 12As since I was eight."

Tony, 13, St Helens, England

"I agree with 12A because I went to see the Dark Knight and I didn't find it scary at all, but sometime 12a can be unsuitable for younger viewers."

Rose, 11, Newcastle, England

"I have never watched a 12A film, but I don't think I will until I'm 12."

Vivian, 8, Aston Clinton, England

"12A is just like a PG really because both are like parental guiding. (I never go to the cinemas to watch films though)"

Kristy, 10, England

"I think that 12As should be checked by an under 12 child, then they can say whether or not it is suitable for the young children."

Connie, 12, Cheltenham, England

"I will be 13 in two months so it doesn't bother me. I have been to see the Dark Knight and I don't think that anyone under 12 should see it as it is too scary."

Katy, 12, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

"I think that you should watch your own age rating because you could pick up on rude things and get nightmares!"

Jazzy, 10, St Austell, England

"I think that age ratings should be put off because if it was a PG movie it will be too babyish."

Mohammed, 10, Reading, England

"I see no reason to get worked up over the 12A rating because you would go with an adult to the movies anyway."

Oliver, 10, Crawley, England

"No, because if it's 12A it is obviously exciting."

Jenny, 10, Lancaster, England

"I think it's the parents' decision whether a child under 12 is allowed to watch a 12A film. Really, it's their own fault, they risked it, and it turns out for the worse. Anyway, no one's perfect because we all make mistakes."

Courtney, 11, Bristol, England

"It doesn't bother me as I am over 12. It was a rubbish film anyway, all films shouldn't be rated as it is up to the parents what the child should/shouldn't see."

Rob, 13, Hull, England

"I think that Batman is REALLY scary! Just the trailer wimped me out! I think it should be a 15. I think that whether a film is a 12A or not children do persuade their parents to watch the film."

Asad, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"I have seen The Dark Knight and agree that it is much too violent to be seen by eight-year-olds, for example. However, it is the parents' decision and they should know best."

Colette, 14, Hertfordshire, England

"When I went to see Batman with my Dad, afterwards we both thought that it should be a 15 because it's really dark and it is quite scary!!!"

Hannah, 11, Addlestone, England

"I just trust the rating. When I was 11 my parents took me to see the film if it was 12A."

Mildred, 12, Manchester, England

"I'm 12 and I saw the film with my friends and thought that Batman, The Dark Knight, would not be very scary for children over the age of seven or eight."

Christian, 12, Bradford, England

"I'm 10 and I've seen The Dark Knight, and the fact that people think it's not rated properly is ridiculous! It's SUPER good, and children over the age of seven should be able to see. I recommend it."

Edmund, 10, Essex, England

"Well, personally, I love 12A and 12 films, because I love gore, action, horror and thrills, but some people won't like it, because people have different opinion."

Elijah, 10, Yateley, England

"I went to see it with my parents, and I thought it was fantastic. But I was still really surprised it got a 12A, it was more like a 15. I think that 12A films are quite complex for someone younger to understand."

Rachel, 12, London, England

"The 12A rating doesn't really put me off, but I think The Dark Knight looks pretty gruesome so I think parents should be there with their child."

Inayah, 11, Ilford, England

"I think that 12A films are more for people my age, and that people should not be put off by the age certificate. They should watch trailer clips before judging the film, then they can see what it is like without getting worried about it."

Lydia, 12, Holton-Le-Clay, England

"I think 12As are a good idea, because it is just the right age to understand the movie and what it is all about."

Lizzy, 12, Southport, England

"12A rating doesn't put me off usually, but The Dark Knight does look quite scary!"

Daniel, 12, Leek, England

"I think that they should make The Dark Knight a 12, not a 12A, but it is also the parents who should choose if they should watch the film. Maybe they could have a Government website which shows very small clips of the film, so that the parents could see if it is a good film for their child to watch."

Shehani, 12, Harrow, England

"Now that I am 12, I don't really find 12As scary and my parents are fine with me going to see one. I didn't find 12A films that scary before!"

Johnny, 12, Lincoln, England,

"I sometimes get put off, but most of the time I just go to see them anyway. If you can go and see them with an adult then they must be okay."

Laura, 10, Rochdale, England

"My mum lets me watch them, but she watches the adverts carefully to see if they're suitable for my sisters. My sister is quite mature so normally it's OK."

Molly, 12, Dromore, Northern Ireland

"I have seen Batman The Dark Knight, with my friends and I don't think parents should be worried because it is only comic violence, although in some parts it is scary! I think anyone under the age of 9 should only see a 12A if they're with an adult."

Freyja, 11, Conwy, Wales

"I think that 12A is a good idea, as children who really want to see a film can, as long as their parents are there. If the film gets too scary, then their parents are always there with them. The Batman film should've been a 12 in my opinion, as it's not really aimed at young children and is quite violent."

Abi, 13, Bath, England

"I think the parents should decide whether it is suitable for children, because they know best. Also most children probably love to see films that are over PG and U, because it might make us feel a bit more grown up."

Rhea, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"I think that 12As are a silly idea, they should make up their mind - PG or 12!!!!!"

Michael, 11, Basildon, England

"I have a few 12 films, but my Mum or Dad have to watch them first to check to see if there is any violence!"

Leigh, 13, London, England

"I think 12As are stupid, because lots of films I want to see are 12As, but my parents don't want to see them, so neither can I."

Millie, 11, London, England

"It's really stupid having a 12A rating, because if you buy it afterwards on DVD you're not going to watch it with an adult. Also kids like violent films so it's so annoying I can't watch it with my mates!"

Frankie, 10, Portsmouth, England

"I don't think children up to the age of 9 should be allowed to watch 12A films, but older people should be allowed without a parent."

Courtney, 10, Nuneaton, England

"I think 12A films are far too often under or over-rated. Also being with an adult is not really going to help if you are scared. I think kids under 12 should have to get permission from their parents before going to see one, but they shouldn't actually have to go into the film with an adult. I've seen tons of 12A, 12, and even some 15 movies and I wasn't scared."

Alexandra, 10, Perth, Scotland

"I think it's a good idea to put ages on films, just in case it's inappropriate for the child. If there wasn't an age range on the films then people who were 9 would probably watch it, but it could have bad language in it."

Charlotte, 13, Leicestershire, England

"They don't put me off, they make me want to see them more, but parents should know whether the film is suitable for their child first."

Sasha, 13, Trecynon, Wales

"Sometimes 12A films do put me off, because I always have to go with an adult and sometimes I want to go with my mates to see a 12A film."

Jack, 12, Plymouth, England

"I think the decision to see the film is wholly the parents' choice. They should know what film is suitable for their own child, so they should review the movie before they let their child see it."

Mazza, 12, Ireland,

"Parents should know if it is suitable for their children or not, so I don't see why they're worrying. I think the rating is fine for Batman and it should remain 12A."

Anisa, 13, Nottinghamshire, England

"12A ratings make films seem scary or violent. However when my parents look at ratings they believe PG, 12, 12A can be over or under rated."

Hollie, 11, Derbyshire, England

"It puts me off because it means you can't go out with your mates to watch a 12A film yourself."

Clair, 11, Clydebank, Scotland

"12A films are a bit pointless because, they are basically a middle between PG or a 12 rating it is either or! I think parents should watch them carefully before letting a younger child see them. 12A films are better than a PG but not as scary as a 12."

Charlotte, 12, Fareham, England

"I think that a 12A film will make some children think that, if they go and see the film then they are all grown up. Adults should only take them if they have seen it themselves or are really sure about letting their children watch it."

Jamie, 12, Bunde, Germany

"I think the reason The Dark Knight was a 12A, because Batman was always a superhero for younger children to watch, and to make the film a 15 would take away its main viewers. I say if you watch the trailer and think it looks scary then don't watch it, if you think you could watch the film and not get scared then go to the movie. I saw The Dark Knight and it was great!"

Emily, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think it's OK for younger kids to watch them but the parents have to be really careful, for example I watched Hancock and it had some language which NO WAY should someone young hear. So the parents have to find out if they will let their kids watch a 12A."

Douglas, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I don't think that there should be a 12A rating because once when I went to a 12A there was three and four year olds watching and I don't think the film was suitable for them."

Kayleigh, 12, Elgin, Scotland

"I think 12A films will be better then PG."

George, 11, High Wycombe, England

"12A films just make you realise that there could be content on the film that is less suitable for younger viewers."

Darren, 13, Reading, England

"Some films like Harry Potter are fine at 12A, but some ratings are too soft. For instance Beowulf ... compare that to Harry Potter. It should have been at least a 15."

James, 14, Staffordshire, England

"12A films don't put me off because most 12As aren't violent, and anyway as long as the kid is told straight afterwards that violence is wrong then I think there's no problem with that."

Catherine, 13, Leeds, England

"Children adore the chance to see films that are rated higher."

Stephanie, 13, Liverpool, England

"I don't really mind as people would see it anyway when it comes out on DVD."

Lucy, 12, Peterborough, England

"I think that 12As are a really good idea because it lets you see a film that's designed for people a bit older than the PG age and you can go with your parents, so if it's a little bit scary they're there."

Emily, 12, London, England

"I think that the ratings are sometimes over what they actually are, it does put my parents off sometimes."

Liliana, 12, Yorkshire, England

"I think the 12A rating should be changed to just 12. An adult can't judge how scared you will be so only 12s and older should be able to see it."

Isabel, 13, London, England

"No it does not put me off as I have seen loads of 12A films and I think people try to scare you about it, but do no believe them."

Ashleigh, 11, Durham, England

"They don't really put me off, they are there for a reason."

Fatima, 8, London, England

"I think that the batman film was amazing. I agree that it could be disturbing for younger children, but the idea is that because it is a 12A, very young children should NOT be watching it."

Hannah, 13, Basingstoke, England

"My mum lets me watch 12As on DVD if they're suitable, like Harry Potter. I like them and they're not really scary. Lots are over rated. I agree though, lots of parents should decide. I know some people who are under 12 and are really freaked out by films, others aren't."

Millie, 9, Kingston, England

"I think it's OK to see 12A films if you're a child because when you see the trailers for the film, you can decide whether you want to see it or not."

Floz, 10, Norwich, England

"I think Batman is way too scary for young kids because the Joker has a really scary face. My cousin watched it and she had nightmares every time she went to sleep for a few days. They should put the age limit higher because it's too low at the moment."

Sajida, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Me and 3 of my friends went to see The Dark Knight, we found it was a really good movie. I think that if they make it a 15 it would lose loads of fans worldwide. Sure, there are some scary and violent parts of the film but without them it would be a boring film."

Jordan, 12, Oxfordshire, England

"I think that there is no point in 12As, because children under 12 don't go to the cinema on their own anyway. They should have just stuck with 12, not gone with 12A."

Carl, 13, Nottingham, England

"Even though I haven't seen the new batman film, it looks pretty scary on the trailers and it does put me off. I wouldn't like to go and watch it."

Millie, 11, Shanklin, Isle of Wight

"I found 12As really annoying when I was under 12 because I wasn't allowed to watch any at all. When I did watch them I found that a whole lot of them I would have been fine watching when I was 10 or 11."

Harriet, 13, Ryde, Isle of Wight

"I went with my mum to see The Dark Knight. After 5 minutes I had to leave because it was so scary and violent. I think it should be rated as a 15."

Louise, 12, Brighton, England

"I'm put off because I'm not 12, so I can't see movies with that rating. It's annoying because I can only see PGs and Us. I've seen lots of 12A movies and my 6 year old sister even saw 3 of them with me! She was fine with them!"

Lauren, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"If parents do not want their kids to see The Dark Knight they will not let them. They cannot go without an adult anyway so I don't see what all the fuss is about."

Katie, 12, Brighton, England

"I am allowed to watch 12A films with an adult the first time but I can watch them again afterwards on my own if the film is great. That is what parents should do."

Hannah, 12, Essex, England

"I think there should not be ratings on films, only parental advisory because my mum let me watch anything as long as she thinks it's suitable!!"

Sam, 13, Reading, England

"Even though I'm under 12 I still go to 12A movies, and I don't mind going with my mum. Usually I bring a friend along, to make it more fun."

Natasha, 11, Leicester, England

"I think that The Dark Knight shouldn't be a 12A, because if you think of the ages that can see the violence in it, with stabbing etc, it could quite easily give them nightmares."

Kate, 15, Manchester, England

"I think sometimes films are over or under-rated. Me personally, I've only seen the adverts and I was still scared."

Ellie, 11, Harpenden, England

"It doesn't put me off, but it puts my parents off. I think they're just like PGs really."

Lalitha, 11, London, England

"I get more excited about seeing a 12A film because all the good comedies are 15 but I can't see them because I'm 13. But 12As are the next best thing because there's much more adult humour."

Natasha, 13, London, England

"I think it's up to the parent or guardian if they want their child to see it."

Tayler, 12, Shropshire, England

"You should be fine watching 12A movies because if it was too scary for kids like me the experts would make them 15 plus."

Nathan, 10, Cockermouth, England

"It makes me want to see the film because you know to expect something evil or scary!!!!"

Sean, 13, Swindon, England

"I think watching 12A films are a suitable age for kids under 12. I'm going to see The Dark Knight very soon, and from what I have seen so far it looks fine to me!"

Skye, 10, Leicester, England

"I think it is really annoying because I am going to see 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' but most of my friends are 12 or under, so probably they won't be able to come with me."

Ashleigh, 13, Albuņol, Spain

"I don't feel any better watching films with an adult, I know it's not real and they are professionals that do the stunts. Who wants to see a film with your mum and dad when you're coming up to your teens anyway?"

Laura, 13, Leeds, England

"NO! I think that if some children like scary films then they should tell their parents and if their parents let them, then they can go."

Miranda, 11, Granada, Spain

"No way. It just makes me want to watch it more."

Rutendo, 11, London, England

"It makes me want to see it more and more because you know that there might be stuff in the film that you might not have been able to see on your own."

Kate, 11, Newton Abbot, England

"Well I get in anyway but I have a mate who isn't 13 yet and we still go and see it, but yeah I guess it does make me wanna see it more as it gets you interested."

Kayleigh, 13, Kent, England

"No way! I think they are more action-packed, I enjoy them more!"

Brad, 9, Wakefield, England

"It doesn't put me off but it might put my Mum off a bit. I have seen loads of 12A though anyway. I am 2 months away from being 12 so I can watch them."

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"It is really annoying that if you're under 12 you have to see it with an adult, but when it is on DVD I buy it so I don't need an adult to watch it with me."

Lauren, 8, Dorset, England

"A 12A rating does not put me off, considering I am 13. However, I understand if young children are not to keen to watch a 12A. Nevertheless, I went to see Dark Knight yesterday which is an amazing film and I saw a five-year-old there! He was crying through the violent parts so I think parents are responsible for keeping their young children from not seeing a 12A."

Fran, 13, Kent, England

"I think it's a good idea as that way children will not go and see films that only teens can watch."

Amelia, 8, Hampshire, England

"It doesn't put me off because I've seen Harry Potter and some of those films are 12A, yet some people do have nightmares with scary films, so it does depend."

Talia, 13, Peterhead, Scotland

"I think 12A should only be with an adult when you're over 7 years old because you could be scared."

Elliot, 10, Warrington, England

I'm 13 so I get in anyway, but I'm glad when films we want to see are rated 12A or above because it means the film is less likely to be ruined by screaming kids running up and down the aisles instead of watching the film."

Faye, 13, Liverpool, England

"No! They make me want to go and see it more! It must mean there's loads of action in it, some not suitable for younger children, so I want to know why!"

Shan, 13, Fife, Scotland

"12As are downright annoying. I think they should be scrapped. Most people just watch it on DVD later anyway."

Rebecca, 13, Kent, England

"I think if it's a 12A then kids want to watch it more because they think PG and U are too babyish."

Zuraiz, 12, London, England

"I think it's pointless - It's either a PG or its unsuitable for people under 12. 12A is basically saying even very young people can watch it if they have an adult with them - that wouldn't make it any less scary."

Alex, 13, England

"It doesn't put us off watching the films, and as long as we watch them with an adult we feel they're OK to see."

Aimee and Nici, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"Nope. My parents always let me watch 12s, whether they like it or not. They're great, but I guess some families are different."

Nadia, 10, London, England

"I want to watch films that are 12A because they look more exciting than PGs."

Bekah, 11, Salisbury, England

"The only way a rating of 12A would put me off is that I would have to watch it with my parents and can't go and watch the film with just my friends."

Melissa, 12, Gosport, England

"It does put me off because I want to see Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging because I am quite mature, but my Mum won't let me."

Georgia, 9, Kent, England