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Last Updated: Wednesday August 13 2008 12:08 GMT

Daily Olympics Quiz


Question 1

In which event at the Beijing Olympics did Christine Ohuruogu win her gold medal?

A: 400m
B: 800m
C: 100m

Question 2

Who won Team GB's first gold medal at the 2008 Games?

A: Rebecca Romero
B: Nicole Cooke
C: Victoria Pendleton

Question 3

Which Team GB athlete has now won gold at three Olympic Games in a row?

A: Ben Ainslie
B: Pippa Wilson
C: James DeGale

Question 4

Louis Smith became the first British male to win a medal in an individual event in the gymnastics for 80 years.How old was he?

A: 23
B: 19
C: 28

Question 5

Archers aim to land their arrow in a tiny bullseye just 12cm wide.How far away are they from the target?

A: 100 m
B: 50 m
C: 70 m

Question 6

How far do athletes competing in the triathlon have to swim?

A: 1,000m
B: 1,500m
C: 2,500m

Question 7

Richard Mantell played in Team GB's hockey side with his brother.What is his brother's name?

A: Simon
B: Matthew
C: Jonathan

Question 8

How many gold medals did Team GB end up winning in Beijing?

A: Seven
B: 19
C: 24

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