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Last Updated: Monday July 28 2008 06:10 GMT

Gavin visits Cornish curfew kids

Gavin on patrol

Kids in a town in Cornwall have been put on a curfew - a rule which means they have to be home at a certain time - to try to stop bad behaviour.

We sent Gavin down to check it out.

When I went to visit Redruth in Cornwall, I wondered what was in store when wandering the streets after a curfew on youngsters in part of the town.

The area has had a few problems with youths being a bit of a nuisance around the neighbourhood. So, after talking to locals, police decided to put a voluntary curfew on youngsters in the area.... lasting for the whole of the summer holidays.

Unless you're with an adult, you must be inside by 8pm if you're 10 years of age or younger. And if you're 16 or under, you must be inside by 9pm.
Police chat to kids
Police chat to kids
Families in the area were sent a letter beforehand to tell them what was going to happen.

The police say that kids who are caught outside on their own or with a group past the curfew won't be badly punished. The officers will just politely remind them to go home.

Media attention

And if kids are constantly being spotted on the streets after the curfew hours, then their parents will be told.

So you can imagine that this is something that loads of kids in the area are talking about. Most seemed to think it was the older ones, over 16, causing the problems.

Gavin on patrol
Gavin on patrol
But they did understand the safety side of things - police not only want to keep kids away from trouble, but they also want to stop them getting into it.

There was a lot of attention in the town that evening. Loads of other TV crews and journalists were in Redruth to see how the curfew was going to work.

After 9pm, I got the chance to go out with the police as they patrolled the streets. It was quite exciting, seeing how they do their job.... But we didn't see anyone outside at all!

Return visit

Well, I guessed the message had got through pretty well. But then, this was the first night of the curfew being introduced.

Maybe everyone had just decided to behave themselves while the cameras were here?! I'll have to pop down again during the summer to see how it's really going.