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Last Updated: Wednesday July 23 2008 14:34 GMT

Chimp's great escape from zoo

Ichiro the chimp

A hot and bothered chimp searching for somewhere to cool off made a great escape from a zoo in Japan.

The 42-year-old chimp called Ichiro left his pen at Ishikawa Zoo when a door was accidentally left unlocked on Tuesday.

The chimp managed to shelter in the shade on a rooftop for two hours.

Zoo keepers tried loads of ways to get Ichiro down, but in the end he was coaxed off the roof with a banana.

The keepers hosed the roof with water and blew darts, and even tried to shoot him with a tranquiliser gun.

The chimp grabbed the rifle from the keeper, but thankfully he dropped it straight away.

In the end Ichiro was tempted down with a banana, and zoo staff were able to tranquilize him safely.