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Last Updated: Tuesday July 22 2008 15:54 GMT

In Pictures: Kids' summer holiday plans


As the summer holidays kick off, we've been finding out what you lot have got planned for the coming weeks...

Ben, aged eleven

Eleven-year-old Ben's taking camping to new heights. He's going to Scotland with his scout group and climbing up a mountain, before camping on top of it!

Rhiann, eleven

Rhiann, also eleven, is looking forward to a double treat - he's going camping near a theme park! "I like camping because you get to go outdoors with nature," he said.

Grace, eleven

Grace is also looking forward to some outdoor fun. "I'm going camping with my family for a week to the Lake District, and I'm going camping with my guide group for a week," she said.


Ten-year-old Emmannuelle is jetting off to Italy! "I'm going to Sardinia to go to a beach, and then I might be going to a theme park or even the cinema," he said.

Andrew, ten

Andrew's going to have a busy summer. He's going camping with his dad and brother, then for a holiday in East Sussex, AND going to a theme park for one of his friend's birthdays!

Jaimes, ten

Jaimes is having two holidays, in VERY different places. He said: "I'm going to go camping with my mum in North Sussex and then I'm going to Brazil with my dad."


Neelam's got loads of stuff planned too. She's going to two different theme parks, going on a trip to Birmingham and going to stay with her aunty!