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Last Updated: Tuesday July 22 2008 13:38 GMT

Quiz: Lemurs


Question 1

Lemurs are only found in the wild in one place. Where's that?

A: Malta
B: Gibraltar
C: Madagascar

Question 2

The word lemur comes from the Latin word lemures, which means:

A: Ghost
B: Ferret
C: Jumper

Question 3

What's the name of the type of lemur that has 26 black and white stripes on its tail?

A: Stripey-tailed lemur
B: Menur Lemur
C: Ring-tailed lemur

Question 4

How long do lemurs live for?

A: 18 weeks
B: 18 months
C: 18 years

Question 5

What's the name of the lemur in the film Madagascar?

A: Alex
B: Julien
C: Ross

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