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Last Updated: Tuesday July 22 2008 06:41 GMT

Parrot saves family from blaze

Bob, life-saving parrot

A family is thanking their pet parrot for helping to save their lives after he raised the alarm as fire spread through their home.

Bob's squawking became more and more frantic until it woke the Hall family at their home in Hampshire.

Francis and his sons, Sam and Trevor, managed to escape from the burning property, grabbing Bob's cage.

Mr Hall said he is going to reward Bob, perhaps by getting him some new toys and maybe a bird girlfriend.

Sam, 18, told a local paper: "I used to find Bob very annoying with his growling and squawking. But not now.

"He is a legend. He saved our lives. We just got out in time."

Sam and Trevor Hall with Bob
Sam and Trevor Hall with Bob
Mr Hall, 59, added: "I'm definitely going to get him a treat - some new toys, a swing, a bell and a mirror."

The African Grey parrot is thought to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world, with lots of experts thinking they can be as clever as a six-year-old in some ways.