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Last Updated: Monday July 28 2008 15:49 GMT

How are YOU spending the holiday?


It's that time of year - the summer holidays! Hooray!

But what are you going to be doing this year?

Are you off on an exciting overseas holiday? Or are you're swapping a hotel for a tent this year?

Maybe you're doing a course, staying over at a friend's or simply hanging at home?

Whatever you're doing, let us know!

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Your comments

"I'm going to an island in Spain called Tenerife in the Canary Islands - it's going to be fab!!! I'm also getting my best friend Tristan a Manchester United T-shirt with Ronaldo on the back."

Kallan, 9, Plymouth, England

"I'm going to Portugal for 1 month - that's all of the summer holiday!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rhianna, 7, Newton, England

"We are going camping and there are some activity days at school so we're not really doing that much."

Harriet, 10, Stockport, England

"I am staying at home for a few weeks, then going on holiday to Lagos in Portugal and then I am going to Southport."

Joanne, 9, Manchester, England

"I am going to Bude."

Eleanor, 9, Portsmouth, Britain

"My holiday is pretty packed to be honest. I'm going to Essex and London to see family and because I'm in the marine cadets I have parades every weekend, which is pretty fun. I'm also going on a summer camp with the cadets, which will be awesome. But I have to have time at the beach and shopping with my mates!"

Holly, 13, Norfolk, England

"I'm doing half and half: three weeks at home, playing with friends; three weeks in Normandy in our caravan."

Sarah, 10, Luton, England

"I'm going to do a lot of swimming with my friends! I am also going to a really girly sleep over!!! It's going to be such FUN!!!"

Michelle, 10, Southampton, England

"We go camping for 2 days every week and I do loads of sports like surfing, tennis and horse riding, my holidays are always busy!!!"

Hannah, 12, Scotland

"I'm certainly not going camping this year. A few years ago we went camping in Bude, but it was at the time when there was heavy flooding, gales and constant rain. It was disappointing because we were going to stay for 13 days but instead we got so fed up with the weather we went home on the third afternoon. I think the best holidays are when you can just relax and be lazy for once! I love holidays!!"

Ella, 11, Winchester, England

"I'm not going anywhere this summer apart from summer school for one week. My auntie, however, is going to Spain! It's not fair!"

Sara, 12, Preston, England

"I'm off to Kenya and am going on safari!"

Tanith, 12, Chichester, England

"Well, this weekend I went to see my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle were there as well. On Sunday, I'm going to a music festival with my friends. At the end of the Summer I'm going to Center Parcs with my aunt, uncle and cousins. The most exciting thing however, is that we're going to Croatia. I really love the summer!"

Anna, 13, Leeds, England

"I'm going on holiday, twice! And having my birthday, then going out with my family and mates."

Bethany, 10, Newcastle, England

"I am spending my summer by the beach, enjoying the Airshow and the new donkey, which is better than a holiday abroad."

Emma, 11, Suffolk, England

"I'm going to Fuerteventura and then a week in Scotland being a bridesmaid at my Uncle's wedding."

Lois, 13, St. Helens, England

"First I'm going to my friend's party, then Lego Land, then I'm going to another friend's party, then I'm going to Pontins and then I'm going to a wedding!! Lots, isn't it?"

Katie, 10, Stockport, England

"I will be playing out with my friends and having sleepovers and going to sports camps."

Molly, 11, Leeds, England

"I am going to Dorset and camping in a tent for one week. It is carnival week so it will be great."

Mia, 9, Kent, England

"My family is doing Lands End to John O'Groats on a push bike. My mum is taking the car and the caravan and we will be camping at campsites. We will do it in about three weeks and it will be fun."

Emma, 9, Somerset, England

"My mum and dad and I are spending our summer by going to France for three weeks camping!!"

Jade, 11, Chesterfield, England

"I am going to London to visit the sights with my mum and friends."

Thea, 6, Cardiff, Wales

I'm going to Italy and I'm really excited! I hope it will be hot, after last years' holiday in Scotland which was freezing cold! But for the rest of the holiday I'm just spending it at home relaxing."

Georgina, 11, London, England

"I am going to London this weekend, then Ibiza for one week and the weekend we come back we're going to Center Parks! Busy!"

Annie, 11, Norwich, England

"I'm going on a ten night cruise around Northern Europe starting in Amsterdam, and we even spend three days not in a row without going on land!"

Iain, 11, Suffolk, England

I am going camping with the guide group. I go on Friday and I come back on the Monday and I know that it will be amazing."

Sophia, 12, High Bridge, England

"I might be going to Devon and in the last week of the holidays I'm going caravanning in the Isle of Wight."

Rosie, 12, Pompey, France

I am going camping in Yorkshire on Friday for two whole weeks. I went last year and it is so fun because you get a chance to go and see new things, and also there are lots of attractions that we can go to that are super fun."

Jamie, 12, Bolton, England

"I am going to North Wales to see family. After that I'm going camping with a few friends. I am also going to a little island called Malta. I can't wait!"

Helena, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"I'm going to Devon and then I am spending a week with my Mum and a week with Dad. I am then going to a holiday club run by the school."

Hannah, 9, England

I'm going to France for my holiday to see my Grandma and my Grandad, but first we are going camping. We will get to France by ferry."

Molly, 9, London, England

I am going to Spain for a week and then going to Germany for 10 days! I can hardly wait to see the sights and have a swim in the sea!"

Lindsay, 12, Northumberland, England

"I have been going to the beach since the end of May. Summer holidays have been going great but sadly, they are almost over for me. Just one more month left."

Katee, 12, New York, USA

"I am going camping soon. I love camping, especially the food. I like beans and marshmallows!"

Rachel, 10, Old Colwyn, Wales

"I'm going to see Wicked and then I'm going to go to Center Parks."

Harry, 11, Essex, England

"Me and my friends have decided to meet at our local leisure centre every week so we can catch up and enjoy a swim. I am also having a sleepover with four of my closest friends."

Sabrina 11, Middlesex, England

"First I am going to the outer Hebrides (far north of Scotland) and then, I am going to Paris with my mum, and seeing the Eifel tower."

Louis, 9, Oxfordshire, England

"I'm going camping and going on holiday twice with my family! I'm going on day trips too! Can't wait til the summer holidays!"

Laural, 10, England

"I am going to Turkey on Saturday. I'm staying in an apartment which has a swimming pool! When we come back we might go camping in the New Forest or the Witterings."

Ella, 12, Brighton, England

"I am staying home for my birthday!!! Then, I am going to the South of France. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait! We are staying in a villa near the beach."

Rachel, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"I am going to Somerset, Devon and then Ireland!"

Shannon, 14, Oxfordshire, England

"I'm going to Egypt with my mum, dad and my 2 sisters this Friday. I can't wait! There is going to be 5 pools ,3 tennis courts and 750 apartments, it sounds amazing! I can't wait to play lots of tennis with my dad :)!!!!"

Nizzy, 9, Walsall, England

"I am going on holiday for 3 weeks in Cornwall :)! I am going to do some surfing ... then hopefully meet some friends, and then I have got a few rehearsals and auditions for my shows too."

Emma, 14, Chatham, England

I am at my Nan's villa in Spain and it is boiling! It has been raining a bit, but even with the rain it has still been hot."

Hayley, 12, Clapham, England

"I am going down to Dorset for a week. I might go to the cinema, have friends over... Just relax!"

Conrad, 14, Aylesbury, England

"I am going to Italy and I am obviously going to boil like an egg! The strange thing about my holiday is that I am going to get to Italy by car! I am excited because I have never been to Italy before. The apartment we are staying in has a swimming pool, hopefully without heating :)"

Sophia, 11, Cambridge, England

"I'm going camping in England, then my family is going to Greece! But the rest of the time I'll be relaxing."

Anastasia, 11, Guernsey Channel Islands

"I am going to Holland for one week then Portugal for two weeks. I can't wait!"

Emily, 12, Scotland

"I went on holiday last week, so that it was less crowded and because it was my birthday the day after we arrived! I got back last Saturday, and now I'm going to spend the holiday right here! I live by the sea, so I don't need the golden beaches of the Mediterranean to keep me happy, just give me my cousin's swimming pool in his garden and I'm fine!"

Maddi, 14,Gwynedd, North Wales

"This six-week holiday me, my dad and my brother are going to Mumby to see my Nan and granddad. We are going to the beach if it is not that windy and we might go to the seal centre!"

Jakob, 9, Coventry, England

I am going to Scotland for three weeks."

Rania, 11, London, England

"I'm going to visit family in the beginning of the holidays, and then going to Egypt to scuba-dive in the red sea!"

Courtney, 13, Blackburn, England

"Well, next Monday me and my friend are going to the beach with her mum. Then, on one of the weekends she is coming to the cinema with me and sleeping over!"

Charlotte, 10, Birmingham, England

"Next month I'm going to London with my dad and my brother. The first day we're going for a tour round London, then the next day we're going to the zoo. I can't wait."

Charlotte, 13, Leicester, England

"Right now I am in Bournemouth with my dad and brother. It is very sunny and never rains."

Sean, 10, Scotland

"I think holidays are for simply relaxing and just doing what you want. For most of my holiday I'm not going away but just going out on day trips. But later on, we are going to my dad's home country, Gibraltar, which I love. Holidays are the best things after a hard term at school, and we should have them all the time!"

Olivia, 11, Winchester, England

"I'm going to see David Tennant in Hamlet!!!"

Dan, 15, Shropshire, England

"I am going to Poland for the first week of the summer hols, and in the last two weeks I am going to Wales."

Ruth, 8, Warwickshire, England

"I am going to Greece for a fortnight but I am sad that I am going to miss two weeks of Newsround!"

Catherine, 15, Crawley, England