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Last Updated: Monday July 21 2008 10:52 GMT

'Largest' giant squid is cut up

Scientists dissecting the squid

One of the largest giant squid ever seen in the world has been caught off the coast of Western Australia.

The huge sea creature, which has 12m-long tentacles and weighs a whopping 248kg, got tangled in fishermen's nets 500m below the surface of the water.

It's just 30kg lighter than the largest giant squid ever found.

Now it's been cut up and analysed by scientists in front of a live audience to raise awareness of the little known and rarely spotted species.

Giant squid have teeth that cut like a chainsaw and three hearts - that's even more than The Doctor in Doctor Who!

Now experts are hoping the public dissection will shed more light on what the creatures are like and what they're made up of.