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Last Updated: Monday July 21 2008 10:28 GMT

My night at the school prom

Press Packer Bethanie next to the pink limo

Press Packer Bethanie's school had a prom night for Year 6 pupils leaving the school.

It was a chance for Bethanie and her friends to have a fun night together before they go to high school.

Here Bethanie tells us what she did at her prom.

"As we were leaving to go to high school our teachers decided to give us a prom as many of us are going to separate schools.

My mum and dad got me a hot pink dress that was made for me, and a big pink limo.

Hair curls

On the day of the prom a hairdresser came to my house, I had a half pony on the crown of my head. She put lots of hairspray on and hairslides - in the end it looked a bit like a flower!

After that, she curled the rest of my hair so it looked even better.

Bethanie and her friends inside the limo on the way to the prom
My friends arrived to get in the limo. Inside were lights on the roof that looked a bit like stars.

I enjoyed every moment in the limo because people were staring at us going by.

Red carpet

We arrived at the school and all the other kids were screaming with the excitement of it all.

Then we walked down the red carpet and into the school hall where the Year 6 prom was being held.

It was fantastic with balloons everywhere, laid out tables, a pizza buffet and a disco - how wonderful is that?

Different schools

After eating we played bingo with the tickets on our name cards - I didn't win.

At the end of the evening a lot of people were crying because some kids are going to different schools - including my best friend.

It was a great night, I loved everything about it."

Bethanie, 11, Hull

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