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Last Updated: Saturday July 19 2008 09:44 GMT

Sweets 'make kids behave better'


Kids have been encouraged to behave better at school thanks to chocolate treats, according to the head teacher at a school in Norfolk.

At one point kids were excluded for 65 days in a year at Redcastle Furze Primary. Since the sweet rewards were brought in, that's dropped to zero.

Some people reckon the treats could add to problems like being overweight and having bad teeth.

But head Dr Andrew Sheppard reckons his pupils behaviour has improved no end.

The scheme started in 2005, and proved so popular that it expanded to include cakes, Easter eggs and school trips.

"We had people saying how terrible it was that we were bribing children and it was unsustainable," said Dr Sheppard.

"We had complaints saying we were contributing to childhood obesity and rotting teeth.

"But the children really liked it and it really works."

Dr Sheppard said he hoped other schools would follow his lead.