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Last Updated: Friday July 18 2008 14:54 GMT

Girl's nail polish shop horror

Hannah with her mum

Have you ever tested out a bit of lippy or nail varnish before making up your mind which cool colour to buy?

Well, a 12-year-old girl from the south east of England found herself in hot water when she tried out a nail polish.

She says a security guard told her that because the bottle wasn't a tester, it counted as stealing.

Police were called, and Hannah was spoken to by officers, before her mum arrived and was told she had to pay for the opened polish.

Hannah said: "I was worried, I was scared, I was just really nervous that I was going to go to jail."

Nail varnish
Only use make-up testers in shops!
Her mum, Cheryl Gilbert, agreed to pay the 6.29 for the polish, but she's angry about what happened.

"I think she [Hannah] had learned her lesson immediately: that it wasn't a tester, she would never do it again," she said.

"But it went a bit out of proportion really."

In a statement, Boots said it took security in its shops very seriously, and it worked with Hannah and the police to clear up the matter quickly.