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Last Updated: Sunday July 20 2008 09:18 GMT

I photographed seals being released


Press Packer Alex won the RSPCA Young Photographer Award and went on a photo shoot as part of his prize.

He got to photograph seals that had been rescued and were now being released.

Here Alex tells us about his exciting day.

"Part of my prize for winning the Young Photographer Award 2007 was a photo shoot with RSPCA chief photographer, Andrew Forsyth.

I was invited to the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre, near King's Lynn in Norfolk, where lots of animals are rescued and looked after, especially seals but also foxes, swans, hedgehogs and birds.

And I got exclusive access to behind the scenes.


The day started with me, my dad and Andrew all geared up with cameras and ready to rumble!

I was very nervous, but excited at the same time.

The keepers caught and weighed the seals.

The ones that had achieved the required weight gain were fastened into a hammock and hooked into the back of a Land Rover.

I was allowed to travel in the Land Rover. It was quite funny when one of the seals sneezed right at me!

Great place

We drove to the release site on a tidal river where it was very muddy and I got my foot stuck and nearly fell over.

But Andrew and I managed to position ourselves in a great place to watch and photograph the four seals being released.

Seals being released
They slid from the hammock down a mudslide to the river, which was quite comical!

It was a wonderful experience and a great privilege to be part of the release, although it was sad to see them go. I didn't want to leave.

Isolation unit

After lunch we were taken round the isolation unit, where we had to dress in white overalls and white wellies.

I looked ridiculous, as everything was too big for me! We then went into the barn - the seals are moved into here from the isolation unit before being put in the outdoor pools.

We also went into an outdoor netted area where injured swans are kept. It was all great!


It was a long but exciting and moving day, and I will always treasure the memories from it.

And I have some brilliant photos too!"

Alex, 11, Lancaster

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