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Last Updated: Friday July 18 2008 11:17 GMT

Chambers loses battle for Beijing

Dwain Chambers

Dwain Chambers will NOT be running in the 2008 Olympic Games after losing his court battle to allow him to compete.

The 30-year-old sprinter won the 100m Olympic trials in Birmingham on Saturday to qualify for Team GB.

But he's banned for life from competing in the Games because he took drugs to improve his performance in 2003.

Chambers went to court to argue that the ban stopping him competing was unfair, but the judge disagreed and ruled against him.

In 2003, Chambers broke the rules of British athletics - he was found to have taken a drug that could have helped him to run faster.

Dwain Chambers
Chambers won the 100m Olympic trial
He was banned from normal competitions for two years, but he was banned from taking part in the Olympics for his whole life.

Chambers feels the ban isn't fair because the UK is the only country which has a lifetime Olympics ban for drugs cheats.

If he lived in America or Spain, for example, he would be allowed to compete in Beijing.

He could go back to court to try again to get the ban overturned, but there's not enough time for him to do that for this year's Games.

British Olympic officials have to name their team for next month's Beijing Games by Sunday.