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Last Updated: Thursday July 17 2008 15:00 GMT

Butterfly survival zones set up

Sir David Attenborough and a butterfly

The race is on to save the UK's butterflies, with experts warning that soon there may not be any of the winged creatures left.

It's thought rising temperatures and changes to the way we farm are making it harder for the butterflies to breed.

So to help boost their numbers, 20 special areas are being set up across Britain for them to live in.

The new butterfly zones will be filled with special plants that are attract the winged insects.

A map showing the butterfly zones
Wildlife TV presenter Sir David Attenborough said it's now rare to see butterflies when you go for a walk in the countryside.

He said lots of their habitat had been ploughed up or become overgrown.

Sir David said: "Almost unbelievably, much of Britain's countryside is a no-go area for many favourite butterflies."