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Last Updated: Thursday July 17 2008 12:23 GMT

More Sats results misery for kids

A Sats monster

Kids should be looking forward to fun-filled summer holidays, but it seems for some of you the Sats monster just won't go away.

To start with, the results for 10 and 11-year-olds were a week late, leaving kids waiting to see how they had done.

They were finally out on Tuesday, but schools are still reporting problems with the marks.

Some say kids have been wrongly marked down as absent from school, and papers have been returned to them unmarked!

Steve Summerton, deputy head of Harrison Primary School in Hampshire, said 26 children who had taken the science test had been marked as away from school.

Children at school
Some kids still haven't got their results!
Mr Summerton said exam officials told him it was just a mistake and would be put right.

"However this morning [Wednesday] the 26 science scripts arrived unmarked," he said.

It's still not clear when the Sats results for 14-year-olds will be available.