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Last Updated: Thursday July 17 2008 07:55 GMT

Koala survives amazing car drama

Lucky Grills the koala

A koala in Australia is lucky to be alive after being hit by a car and carried for miles with its head stuck in the front of the vehicle.

The cuddly critter's been nicknamed Lucky Grills, after being found with his bottom sticking out of the grille of a woman's car near Brisbane.

Amazingly, he survived without being hurt and is recovering from his ordeal at a wildlife centre on the east coast.

Wildlife worker Gail Gipp said: "I think he's got nine lives, like a cat!"

She said she thought Lucky had been hit at a whopping 100kph, so it's no surprise he was a bit shaken up.

"It's amazing that he survived that kind of impact," she said. "His head and his arm went through the grille and he was stuck in the car.

"He was obviously in shock, but recovered enough to start eating within a couple of hours."