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Last Updated: Wednesday July 16 2008 11:55 GMT

Sealife booms after fishing ban


It's five years since catching fish, lobsters and crabs was banned near an island off the coast of Devon, and sea creatures are flourishing.

There's now seven times more lobsters in the protected area around Lundy than there are outside it.

The zone was set up to help the problem of falling numbers of sea creatures and other wildlife hit by too much fishing.

Scientists hope the growing numbers of animals in the protected zone will spill out into the surrounding sea.

That would be good news for the fishermen in the area as they would be able to catch them.

Coral is also thriving
Coral is also thriving
Lundy Island is 12 miles north of the Devon coast, and is England's only marine nature reserve.

Fishing doesn't just affect the species that people are trying to catch, as other plants and animals can be caught up in the nets or damaged by boats.