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Last Updated: Thursday July 17 2008 04:43 GMT

I went on a Giant Sleepover

Children on the Sleepover at Lord's Cricket Ground

The Giant Sleepover is a huge annual event where children all over the UK spend the night in unusual venues - raising money for charity at the same time.

Press Packer Charlie spent her sleepover at Lord's Cricket Ground and tells us what she thought about it.

"I really enjoyed the Giant Sleepover, for a number of reasons.

It was really great getting to meet with new people and make new friends, a really social event that was fun but helping make things better, too!

Not much sleeping

I had slept over many times away from home before, but this was definitely the most unusual place I have tried to sleep - at Lord's Cricket Ground!

I didn't do much sleeping anyway, and didn't mind being away from home too much, except for missing my rabbit.

Press Packer Charlie
I feel very sorry for the children who get caught up in emergencies who might have to sleepover in strange places with no comforts, and without their parents.

Extraordinary event

I think it's important to raise money for the Children's Emergencies Fund [Save the Children's Disaster relief fund] so it's less upsetting for them.

It was a fun, and extraordinary event, and I got to sleepover with my best friends.

But I also got help children across the world who are affected by disasters such as Burma and China, who we have been told about."

Charlie, 10, Bedfordshire

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