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Last Updated: Tuesday July 15 2008 14:57 GMT

Delayed Sats results finally out

School books

Thousands of 10 and 11-year-olds in England are finding out the results of their Sats tests, but for some the wait isn't over yet.

The results were due out last week, but problems with marking meant kids were left in suspense for a week longer.

But it seems that pupils in some primary schools still haven't had all of their key stage two marks.

It's thought six boxes of English tests still haven't been collected for marking.

Some of the unmarked exam papers in the boxes are thought to be from St Martin's primary in Cheshire.

Head teacher Phil Hallman said: "I've had to speak to the children this morning to tell them nothing has come back."

Exam chiefs have said they will arrange to have the boxes picked up.