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Last Updated: Wednesday July 16 2008 05:41 GMT

I won an Anne Frank award

Anne Frank award

The Anne Frank Awards recognise young people who have shown great personal strength, moral courage, and determination to stand up for what is right.

Press Packer Thea won an award for her anti-bullying system at her school.

Here's Thea's story.

"I am so excited to have won an Anne Frank Award for a young person, as Anne is my hero and my inspiration for how I live my life.

I introduced an idea for my primary school whilst I was chairperson of the school council, which I thought would help to promote anti-bullying awareness.

Left out

I decided that a Buddy Stop with a bench so children could sit and be mentored when they felt lonely, left out or bullied in some way would be a great idea.

Press Packer Thea
Thea won an Anne Frank Award
My primary school has now implemented this, and have a plaque and bench in position with mentors to assist any child who may need help and not know how to ask.

This is called a Friendship Stop.

So proud

It means the world to me that people have liked my idea.

I am so proud and happy to be recognized by the Anne Frank Trust and will treasure my award forever."

Thea, 12, Manchester

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