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Last Updated: Monday July 14 2008 10:54 GMT

WALL-E is the must-see film this summer!


The makers of Ratatouille and Cars have a a new film that's tipped to be big this summer - WALL-E.

Press Packer Anna went along to the premiere and gives us her review of the film.

"WALL-E is an animated film like you've never seen before. It's seriously cool.

Humans have ruined planet Earth and were forced to leave and live in space 700 years ago.

WALL-E is the last robot left on Earth and spends his time cleaning up the mess the humans left behind.

His life is repetitive and he dreams of finding love like in the video he watches every evening.

Epic adventure

His prayers are answered at last when another robot, EVE, is sent to Earth by humans to find signs of plant-life.

When she does, EVE is taken back to space by a rocket but WALL-E follows her. They get into no end of trouble in their epic adventure.

The animation in this film is truly incredible.

There has never been a film with animation as realistic as this. This, together with the gripping storyline and funny jokes, really make you identify with WALL-E as a real being.

All ages

The film was both funny and touching and sometimes it was hard not to cry.

It is this mixture that makes the film. I would recommend WALL-E to children of all ages and their parents.

This is the must-see film of the summer."

Anna, 11, London

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