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Last Updated: Monday July 14 2008 06:55 GMT

In Pictures: Rescued ram enjoys home comforts

Nick Boing the ram

Meet Nick Boing, a rescued ram who lives with a family near Cardiff in Wales.

David Plamer with Nick Boing

David Palmer took the 22-stone sheep home three years ago after finding him as a new-born lamb that had been abandoned in the grass.

Nick watching TV with his rescuer David Palmer

Since then, he's tried to settle Nick back into farm life, but it seems he prefers his home comforts, like watching TV...

Nick Boing in the car with his rescuer David Palmer

And going for trips in the car. Let's hope he's got his sheep-belt on!

Nick Boing gives his rescuer a chance to put his feet up

Now he's got so big, Nick's got his own bungalow in the family's back garden, but he still likes to spend time with them in their living room.

David Palmer and Nick Boing

"He's part of the family, said Mr Palmer. "He comes in every evening, head-butts the cushions off the settee and watches TV. If the biscuit barrel is out he'll butt it on the floor because he knows the lid will come off."

Nick Boing the ram climbing into the family car

The rescued ram is also a regular visitor at local schools and is a big hit with the neighbours.

David Palmer taking Nick Boing for a walk

Some even let him into their gardens to snack on the grass.