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Last Updated: Sunday July 13 2008 14:51 GMT

Quiz: Prince Caspian the film

Prince Caspian

Question 1

What is the surname of George, Lucy, Edmund and Peter?

A: Penevie
B: Pevensie
C: Pensieve

Question 2

Where are the children when they are transported to Narnia in Prince Caspian?

A: In school
B: On an underground station
C: On the bus

Question 3

Reepicheep is a heroic what?

A: Mouse
B: Rat
C: Faun

Question 4

Who finds Aslan?

A: Mary
B: Lucy
C: Susan

Question 5

Who tries to resurrect the White Witch?

A: Trumpkin
B: Nikabrik
C: Peepiceek

Question 6

What's the name of the badger whose house Prince Caspian is taken to?

A: Oakhunter
B: Chocolatehunter
C: Trufflehunter

Question 7

Who plays Prince Caspian?

A: Skandar Keynes
B: Ben Barnes
C: William Moseley

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