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Last Updated: Tuesday July 15 2008 04:48 GMT

Speaking up for deaf children

Press Packer Tara

Press Packer Tara, who is profoundly deaf, has been helping the National Deaf Children's Society find out what kids think would make life easier.

She then went to a meeting with politicians at the House of Commons to talk about what they found out.

Here's her story.

"I've been helping the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) find out what would improve the lives of deaf children around the UK.

And I went to the House of Commons to speak to politicians about the results.

Better communication

The NDCS does lots of things for children like trying to make sure that schools are aware of deaf children and organising events for us all to get together.

But we would like more changes like letting teachers know how to communicate better with deaf children.

This would help us grow more in confidence.

Brilliant day

My speech went really well and was good to see the MPs listening to us.

It was a brilliant day, I met up with lots of deaf children of different ages.

Now that we've been heard, I hope that things can improve."

Tara, 12, Cambridgeshire

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