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Last Updated: Friday July 11 2008 10:58 GMT

Frozen woolly mammoths go on show

Kids gaze at the woolly mammoth model at a display opening in Taiwan

Fans are flocking to see a special exhibition in Japan featuring the frozen remains of two woolly mammoths - extinct Ice Age elephants.

One, called Oymiakon, is thought to be a one-year-old girl that lived between 28,000 BC and 38,000 BC.

It's the first time the female mammoth has been on show since being found in the frozen ground in Siberia in 2004.

Mammoths, like Ice Age's Manny, - used to live in Africa, Europe, and Asia, but died out around 10,000 years ago.

They often had long, curved tusks and a coat of long hair.

Only the head of Oymiakon was uncovered, as it's thought the rest of her may have decomposed or was eaten by other animals.

How Woolly Mammoths looked
The second mammoth, called Yukagir, is a 40-year-old male that lived around 18,000 BC, and is complete with two long curving tusks, a hairy head and part of a leg.

He has been on show before in Japan in 2005, after being excavated in 2002.