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Last Updated: Thursday July 10 2008 12:01 GMT

New type of spooky slug found

Ghost slug

It might sound more like a creepy creature out of Harry Potter, but a new type of slimy slug has been found in gardens in Wales.

Most slugs you find in Britain are brown or black, have eyes, and eat plants.

But this one is all white, has no eyes, lives underground, and eats worms by sucking them in like spaghetti!

Scientists think they've found a new species, and have named it 'Selenochlamys ysbryda', or ghost slug.

The name partly comes from the Welsh word for ghost, ysbryd.

Similar slugs are found in the countries of Turkey and Georgia, where Europe meets Asia.

the blade-like teeth of a Ghost Slug
The slug's teeth are like blades
But experts say the creatures that were found in gardens in Cardiff and Caerphilly in south Wales are different.

They don't know where the ghost slugs came from, but think they may have been brought into Britain in plant pots.